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Our expertise in market research on the one hand, and the profound understanding of our customers, on the other hand, allow us to formulate a strategic plan for a vast range of sectors

Strategy and Technology

Strategy and Technology

Locating and implementing growth engines

Formulating a strategic plan that will enable to identify potential growth engines for the customer and will direct the way to their implementation.

Expansion of existing activity - Formulating a plan to increase existing activities by entering new geographic markets and addressing new target audiences

Expansion into related fields of operation - Locating opportunities for the company and formulating market penetration strategy

Expansion across the value chain (horizontal integration) -Acquisition/merger with competitors in order to enable synergies between parties and to improving efficiency

Expansion up the value chain (vertical integration) - Acquiring suppliers/distributors and creating synergy between different stages of the value chain

Locating and implementing

A strategic analysis of the company will enable us to maximize efficiency, thereby increasing the company's profitability.

Increased operational efficiency - Conducting an in-depth analysis of the company's costs and identifying the points of strength and weakness

Finding the Optimum Point - Leveraging growth engines and increase activity will enable us to reach the optimal production point

Finding the optimal capital structure - Finding the optimal capital structure for the company will enable an increase in the shareholders' ROE while managing the risk level

Acquiring suppliers - Management and improvement of the supply chain to increase the gross profit of the company

Improving profitability

A coherent strategic plan will provide a solution to a variety of unique issues/threats that a company may face:

Entering new fields


A substantial change in the market

Entering into new markets

Replacement of controlling shareholder

The entry of new/cheap competitor

Regulatory issues

Addressing unique
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