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Project Finance

Project Finance Department at MNS is one of the leaders in Israel in its field, and advised many of the most prominent companies in the world on the most important projects in the fields of transportation, infrastructure, energy, health, education, and more, worth tens of billions of NIS

Project Finance

Bidders in the tender are required to formulate a policy for submission of a bid that will take into account income, expenses, financing, profitability, competitors, prospects, and risks, using tools from the financing and game theory. Our Project Finance Department offers the bidders a variety of services to build the optimal proposal:

Extensive experience in advanced financial modeling

Bid optimization relative to bid scoring structure

Negotiating with financing entities for funding and capital raising

Locating failures in the tender structure

In-depth familiarity with the regulation in the various sectors

Examining the bidders action options

Accompanying the Roadshow processes and working with the rating companies

Assistance in building consensus for local and international partners

Private Sector

We have extensive experience in accompanying entities in the public sector in a variety of fields such as transportation, energy, construction, security, desalination, education, and more. We specialize in harnessing the private sector for the best performance of public projects, including in the following areas:

Risk Management - Assessment and review of the risks included in the project, cash flow, financing, regulatory, etc

Tenders Theory -Analyzing competition and creating optimization, using unique tools and methodologies that we have developed

Financial efficiency - Design financial mechanisms, forming a financial model that supports decisions, ongoing monitoring of accounting procedures with the franchisee, and more

Public Sector

Our deep familiarity with the various sectors over the years enables us to advise financing entities in making financing or investment decisions throughout the life of the project

Risk and exposure analysis - Examination and evaluation of contractual, financial, and regulatory risks, demands, and costs

Analysis of the set of agreements - Analysis of financing agreements, syndication, franchise, and subcontractors

Analysis of the financial model - Model Audit, sensitivity scenarios, and debt repayment ability

Managing and accompanying the contracting process -  Implementation and on-going supervision on behalf of the client on the conduct of the franchisee in the economic/financial aspect during the construction and operation period of the project

Financial Sector
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