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Insolvency and Corporate Rehabilitation

In recent years, we are positioned as the leading advisory in Israel in debt restructuring and insolvency. As a result, we have been advising most of the debt settlements in Israel. We advise companies in a difficult situation, their creditors, and serve as officials of the court.

In-depth analysis of the company

A Profound and comprehensive study of the company's activity, focusing on the examination of the value of the assets, the possibilities for their sale, creating cash flow projections and an analysis of the company's liabilities


Developing negotiations strategy and finding solutions to various requirements and changes in accordance with the company's financial ability, and managing the process of bringing in investors and realizing assets

Debt capital structure

Adjusting the debt structure of the company to the new situation, building a debt settlement that is suitable for the company's capabilities in the coming years while maintaining its financial stability, and assisting in determining the collateral and financial covenants

Advising after the restructuring

Advising the company in order to check the realization of the arrangement, and monitoring the company's success in implementing the business plan, controlling compliance with the covenants, and the critical points throughout the arrangement

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