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Corporate Finance and Investment Banking

Over the years, we have been assisting our clients in Israel and abroad in corporate finance, mergers and acquisitions, complex transactions, and negotiations.

We place all our accumulated knowledge together with the company's network of connections, to promote the interests of our clients.

Leading Roadshow Processes - Together with the client, we prepare the materials needed to reach the financial markets and potential investors in order to raise capital and debt

Perform Due Diligence - We coordinate the due diligence procedures and analyze all the commercial aspects of the transaction in cooperation with attorneys and other experts

Valuation - Using up-to-date methodologies, we perform business valuations, which are being used by the parties to negotiate the transaction

Economic Opinion -

Our economic and legal knowledge places us in a unique position to provide opinions in the fields of securities, class actions, dispute resolution, and damage assessment.

The opinions are given both to legal proceedings and mediation / arbitration proceedings.

Advising board of directors - We often advise boards of directors and independent committees in transactions that deviate from the ordinary course of business, such as mergers and acquisitions, interested parties transactions, partnerships, and assets realization

Advising in bond credit rating - The company's expertise in the field of debt raising in Israel and worldwide provides a great benefit in the process of rating and issuing bonds (public and private)

Companies and potential investments - Assistance in the process of locating potential companies and assets for investment

Private debt raising - We are leading the process of debt raising, from building an optimal debt structure, rating, preparation of a prospectus until the Roadshow

Financial solutions for optimal capital structure - Consulting in the process of optimizing the client's capital structure

Mergers and acquisitions processes - Leading our clients in M ​​& A transactions.

From the opening of digital data rooms to managing the competitive dialogue with the bidders, and until the negotiations for closing the deal.

Locating investors - Assistance in the process of finding and choosing potential investors for capital investments

Public offerings - Consultation throughout the entire process of the public offering, from the selection of the underwriters, negotiations on the covenants, and the financing structure until the capital raising

Corporate Finance
Investment Banking
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