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Nir Greenberg, Partner

Project Finance- Private and Financial Sector

Mr. Greenberg has over nine years of experience in finance, infrastructure, mergers and acquisitions. He has provided consultancy services to the private, public and banking sectors while serving in the following positions:

He served as an advisor to the Ministry of Finance for large-scale infrastructure projects including the Israel Police Training Center, desalination plants and facility expansions, National Archives, etc.

As an investment banker, he has facilitated a number of deals in the communications industry, raising of debt and financing projects.

Previously, he served as a project manager in a leading strategic consulting firm focusing on infrastructure projects and strategic processes including Route 531, Tel Aviv Light Rail, OPC power plant, financial viability analysis for the IDF training center, establishment of two solar power plants and PV, valuations, etc.

Mr. Greenberg has an MBA with a specialization in Finance from Bar Ilan University.

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