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Sharon Zaworbach, CEO,

Corporate Finance and Investment Banking

Sharon Zaworbach leads the fields of corporate finance, investment banking, and insolvency.

With more than twenty years of experience in Israel and abroad, Sharon has advised investors 

Moshe Haviv, Partner,

Tender Management and Project Finance

Moshe Haviv specializes in financial consulting for infrastructure projects, accompanying complex tender processes and building control and management programs.

Nir Grinberg, Partner,

Project Finance and Investment Banking

Nir Grinberg is a partner in the project finance department.

Among his clients, corporations and companies in infrastructure and energy fields in Israel and abroad, worth billions of dollars

Erez Vidochinsky, Partner,

Strategy and Technology

Erez Vidochinsky leads the strategy and technology field. Among his clients, a wide range of leading public and private companies, from Israel and abroad.

With more than ten years of experience

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Barak Harel-Yiftach, Partner,

Project Finance- Public sector, tender and Project Management

Barak Harel-Yiftah specializes in financial and tender advisory, with an emphasis on the field of infrastructure and complex project management. Among his clients is a wide range of leading private and public corporates.  

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Adv. Efrat Shriki, Senior Manager,

Tender and Project Management, Strategy

Efrat Shriki is a senior manager in the fields of tenders, projects and strategy with an emphasis on managing complex procedures and control processes. Among her clients is a wide range of leading public organizations.

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Nir Badner, Partner
Corporate Finance, Investment Banking and Debt Restructuring

Over the years, Nir Badner has led complex merger and acquisition transactions, such as the merger between Jerusalem Economy LTD., and Mivney Taasia company, the merger between Yoel Company and Equital LTD.,

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